It is the policy of INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL FIRE AND SAFETY ENGINEERING to provide effective training to ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees, and the general public. Each person in a supervisory or managerial capacity who is responsible for the provision and maintenance of safe working practice in his or her respective area, has to adhere to all authorized and applicable environmental, health and safety policies, rules and regulations. All employees are responsible to follow the environmental, health and safety rules and mandatory to use safety equipment that is provided or required. Each particular task comply with applicable rules, as well as environmental releases, safety hazards and accidents shall be reported to supervisory person to identify the nature of failures to promote environmental stewardship and prevent accidents and injuries. We provide a proactive fire prevention program designed to protect the lives and property of low level and MNC corporate employees and visitors. This mission is addressed through a comprehensive effort of fire safety education, enforcement, investigation and audits.
Workplace fires and environmental fires result in severe and fatal burn injuries. Fires also lead to property loss, psychological distress, and sometimes loss of life Fire safety training is a way of increasing public fire safety knowledge and improving their response to a fire with the aim of reducing the number of fire-related casualties. In spite of fire safety training programs currently available, it is unclear why reports indicate a lack of fire safety knowledge, delayed threat recognition, and delayed evacuation among the corporate, especially among managing directors and higher officials is yet to be answered.
Our Corporate training is specifically developed for organizations working to international standards. This would apply to individuals in the safety team operating in work environments outside the India or in multi-national organizations.
Our Fire and safety corporate training covers all aspects of Fire safety, occupational health and safety practice including industrial safety and construction safety and places emphasis on ill-health prevention. It also focuses on embedding health and safety into an organization’s culture and highlights the key role of communication in winning workforce ‘hearts and minds’ and securing senior management commitment.

Our training programs benefit the organization:

  • To increase in quality productive and profit
  • To save the invaluable life.
  • To protect the most valuable properties.
  • To identify the unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.
  • To reduce the accidents and incidents and ill-health of employees.
  • To enable the occupancies to react and ready to face any debacles.

To ensure that employees are knowledgeable in fire prevention and emergency response in the workplace. WE BORN TO SAVE LIVES.
Corporate training

  1. Fire fighting training to employees
  2. Emergency preparedness, Evocation and rescue drill
  3. Significance of PPE and usage.
  4. Safety audit.
  5. Safety survey.


  • Fire Insurance
  • Employee Insurance
  • Corporate Vehicle Insurance
  • Insurance for Student Schools/Colleges/Institutes


Conditions Apply