Institute of Industrial Fire and Safety Engineering offers a complete suite of qualifications covering a wide range of academic levels. We are also one of the awarding institutes to offer a complete suite of health and safety qualifications in the Fire and safety engineering education framework. Individuals and employers using our framework will benefit from a coherent progression route from one level to the next. For example, student who has successfully completed the Diploma Certificate will find a natural progression route since we build them on key principles and develop skills suitable for a health and safety practitioner. Our training ensures that students attains require the skills and qualifications which make them personally fulfilled and employable.

The Institute of Industrial Fire and Safety Engineering is also dedicated to save human lives, prosperities, reducing injuries and promoting the importance of fire safety, environmental safety and health safety among public service organization devoted solely to educate and influence society to adopt safety, health, and environmental policies, practices, and procedures that prevent and mitigate human sufferings and economic losses arising from preventable causes.

Our objective is to create large number of number of safety professional with the highest level of skills to reduce injuries and promote work skill, environmental safety health safety & fire safety to firmly establish and foster a culture of safety throughout all Institutions, Hospitals and Non-Governmental organizations we deliver the quality training and services.


  • Diploma in fire and safety Engineering
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering


  • Elementary First aid program.
  • Functional communication English program.
  • Basic Hindi communicative program.